Thursday, 17 May 2007

Store Cupboard Chocolate Orange Cake - mark II

Bells Bells Bells ... For every swing, there's always a roundabout!

While I do agree this is not an attractive cake (even Nigella warned about that), a little dusting of icing sugar can hide most sins.

Bells has given the verdict, so I won't go into that again but read on for an alternative experience with this recipe!

I can agree that mine was not a complete success, as it did stick to the bottom of the (alleged) non-stick cake tin. I used one of those silicone flexible cake tins - and of course, the high jam/marmalade content made it stick to the bottom, as I should have foreseen if I'd given it any thought. If I make this again, I'll be using a well-greased and possibly floured and lined springform tin. Like Bells, though, I probably won't repeat it. Just because there are so many other options out there, not because it was horrible! My brother and sister-in-law liked it so much they had seconds!
A highlight for me of this cake is the easiness in making it - you will have most, if not all, of the ingredients already in your pantry, and it is mixed in a saucepan using a wooden spoon (or in my case, a spatula) - no need for mixer, handbeater or 5 different bowls. Excellent for shopping and washing up efficiency! You melt the butter, add the dark chocolate until it is soft then remove from heat and stir stir stir. Then you add caster sugar, eggs, pinch of salt and the jam. Then last of all, SR flour. Mix mix mix then bake.

And hey, if you don't like marmalade, you could always substitute another jam - wouldn't raspberry be delicious!