Wednesday, 2 May 2007

a big job

I think RoseRed and I have figured out that this whole idea of cooking our way through How To Be A Domestic Goddess is going to be a huge task.

Preliminary conversations went along the lines of:

Wanna do this?
Shall we start a new blog?
Why not?
And we'll each cook different recipes and blog about them?
Ok, let's do it.

And now here we are.

We haven't counted how many recipes there are but at a guess, over two hundred.

So if we do one each a week at a minimum (because let's face it, how much time in a given week do either of us have to make pastry from scratch or bake a pie or let bread rise) that means this blog's gonna be around for a while.

So, in the interests of keeping the momentum up, we'll be trying a few things in between recipes. We've each written about recipes from the book on our own blogs so we'll copy those posts, in the relevant format, onto this one in quiet times.

And we'll address some comments made too.

On my blog, George left a comment about Nigella's reputation.

"I admit to being somewhat over Nigella's very distinctive "style" (maybe its jus the annoying camera work and too many shots of her licking her lips on the telly program) but have enjoyed her recipes and obvious passion in the past."

I think Nigella is over her finger licking, pouting at the camera style too, George. I read an article the other day, quite a recent one, in which she said she doesn't want to be a blow up kitchen s*x doll. Love it!

My impression is she didn't have a lot of control over how she was marketed in the beginning and by her own admission didn't realise how saucy she was on camera until she saw the first series of Nigella Bites on TV. I haven't seen more than one episode of her Feast program, but she still seems to me, from that one episode, to be pretty sensual when she gets in the kitchen. It's probably just how she is. A woman with appetite, passion and a face that the camera loves is going to be hard pressed to be sterile in the kitchen and less face it, would we watch someone who was sterile? We might as well watch Delia.

So, stay tuned. We're planning our next choices from the book and will be posting them soon!