Friday, 27 April 2007

How it all began

Welcome to Mouthfuls of Heaven!

If you love Nigella, hopefully you'll love our blog.

Do you like the title? It's a tad twee, admittedly, but the words come directly from How to be a Domestic Goddess itself and like Nigella and many of her recipes, it captures a certain indulgent, sensory delight that you just can't go past.

What draws you into Nigella's world is the sheer joy she finds in cooking, whether it's simple, traditional comfort food or sensationally rich indulgence. One way or another, there's passion at the heart of it, and most importantly, there's fun.

RoseRed and I each had the idea for this blog independently. When I saw a post from her declaring her intention to cook her way through How to be a Domestic Goddess, I sent her a message straight away saying I, too had thought of doing it and wouldn't it be fun to make it a double act?

She agreed with rather unexpected enthusiasm, and so here we are, just a month or two later, both a little nervous, despite being happy bloggers in our own right, but keen to get up to our elbows in pastry and tell you all about it.

And since our blogs are primarily knitting blogs, we thought we'd join forces and start a new one devoted entirely to Nigella.

What better way to indulge our deepest adoration?

Oh and one more thing, yes, we were each inspired by Julie Powell's book, Julie & Julia, based on her experiences of cooking her way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in her New York apartment, and then blogging about it. That's pretty much where the obvious similarity ends though. We're a couple of girls from Sydney and Canberra (who've never actually met!), not New York, and neither of us has a pet snake.

I'm also pretty sure cooking from How to Be a Domestic Goddess is never going to require us to hack into a live lobster!