Saturday, 28 April 2007

Fresh Gingerbread with Lemon Icing

the lemon spruceness of the topping is perfect with the musky sweetness beneath it - Nigella Lawson

With that description, how could I not want to make this recipe?

Apart of course from the fact that I've never actually cooked with fresh ginger before - I found the grating of it somewhat hard, because, you know, it's a bit woody inside. So I dare say the gingerbread ended up with some stringy bits of ginger, but it isn't evident from the eating of it, so hang it I say.

The verdict:
Unusual or substituted ingredients: For me, fresh ginger - when I was buying it, I couldn't remember how much I needed - for some reason, I thought 200g. Of course, it is actually 2 teasp. of grated ginger. Also treacle. Wasn't sure if you could still buy it, but it's there, in Coles (the second time I looked...). Dark muscovado sugar - sometimes you can get this in the supermarket, sometimes not. I used light muscovado instead (which, I discovered when I opened the package, is just good old brown sugar).

Special utensils or cookware: No - just make sure you use a big bowl to mix the liquid ingredients into the flour (I didn't at first, so had to transfer).

Repeatability: I would totally cook this again. Especially as I have a fairly large jar of treacle which I'm unlikely to use for anything else...

Sauciness: Created a medium amount of washing up (see "special utensils or cookware"!). Also, treacle and golden syrup do make for sticky fingers and spoons, which just beg to be licked clean. And who am I to resist?

Overall pleasure level (1 = bad, 10 = mouthful of heaven): I'd give this one an 8 - excellent eating, sweet but not sickening, keeps well, very more-ish. In fact, I'm going to go and have a piece right now...

Made on: 25 April 2007
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